Your Footie Bible

Please Note: The game is currently being playtested with the hope it will go live sometime in June 2024. If you wish to take part in the playtest, please contact us.

The rulebook is the 5th edition, and it is in PDF format and comes in at about 1.6 meg in size and it free. Download it here!! 5th Edition Cover (full Res) The PDF rulebook has attempted to follow the layout and style of the original as closely as possible. The rulebook has be made available to download for free, and you are permitted to print them out for your own personal use. Please note, the rules are currently in draft and small improvements and corrections are likely to take place throughout 2024. Here are a few other points to take note of:  
  • The illustrations are still in the process of being remastered by the original artist (Greg Stewart). Most are done. The cover image is finished and 3 internal pen and ink illustrations too. There are about 3 or 4 internals that still need work. I have used the originals and you should be able to spot the difference.
  • I have kept the rulebook as close to the original, in terms of format (A5, layout, chapters and even content).
  • There are some areas of the rules that are greyed out. These rules either have not yet been development OR they will not be used when the game launches, and rather they will be introduced into the game further down the line.
  • During the re-write of the game I have included a few features that either weren’t in the original game, or they weren’t as prominent. I suspect these features will eventually make their way into the rulebook.