The cost to play Soccer Supremos

Please Note: The game is currently being playtested with the hope it will go live sometime in June 2024. If you wish to take part in the playtest, please contact us.

In it’s current state (playtest) there is NO CHARGE, it is 100% totally free to join.

Infact we should be paying you for all the help and input you are providing us in ways of feedback and partaking in the early stages of getting this game ready to actually play.

When the game starts, a turn will cost £1.50, though by paying for bulk amounts and for an entire season you can get as much as 15% discount. On top of that new managers get given 2 free turns upon joining, and there are prizes given in the way of free turns too.

Here’s the summary:

  • It will cost to play
  • There won’t be advertising
  • A ‘flat fee’ for a single club per week of £1.50
  • No additional add-on charges
  • No ‘pay-to-win’ options
  • Discounts will be available for bulk payments (up to 15%)
  • There will be ‘Free Credits’ or ‘Free Turns’ which will be awarded as prizes / incentives
  • New Managers will all be awarded ‘2 Free Turns’ upon signing up

There are 3 ways you can make payments. Remember, a turn costs £1.50 (excluding discounts and prizes). Your account needs to be in a positive balance to submit your turnsheet and receive the results.

It is advised you pay in bulk, rather than one turn at a time. Here are the suggested bulk payment bundles [1 Credit = 1 Turn]:

  • £30.00 = 20 Credits + 2 Free Turns
  • £60.00 = 40 Credits + 6 Free Turns
  • £90.00 = 60 Credits + 9 Free Turns
Pick a payment option listed below, make the payment and send an email to Mention your name, your game and club number and supply with it confirmation of payment. As you can see you can transfer funds into 2 different UK-based bank accounts or if you prefer to use a credit card you can make use of PayPal.
Accept all Major Credit Cards

Account Details

Account: SP Cleworth
Account No.: 00266314
Sort Code: 30-91-41
Account Details

Account: Sean Cleworth
Account No.: 67841112
Sort Code: 04-00-04