Starter's Guide

Helping kick-start managers into action

Please Note: The game is currently being playtested with the hope it will go live sometime in June 2024. If you wish to take part in the playtest, please contact us.

This starter’s guide will provide a ‘fast track’ to getting started for new managers just joining. For the moment, until the game is in operation the suggestion for all new managers is to:
  • Download the rulebook here!!!
  • Update their profile Avatar Image
  • Update their profile Background Image
  • Update there profile information
  • Check out the various other managers, ‘connect’, ‘follow’ and start chatting.
  • Get involved with ‘In Off The Post‘ forum
  • If you and a bunch of friends wish to create a ‘Manager-Run’ Group then let @ref know.
  • Check out the activity over at the Newsdesk
  • Keep an eye on the latest news and game updates
  • Spread the word, contact your friends and encourage them to join